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“AndroidMickey.com” is a landing page for all of NaildrivenLLC’s WDW Android Apps.

NaildrivenLLC is a faith based software company that creates both fun and spiritually enriching applications.

These applications are targeted to Walt Disney World vacationers in Orlando Florida. Walt Disney World has the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studio’s and the Animal Kingdom theme parks.


Disney Family Finder

  • This is a Family or group tracking application that will allow you to not only see yourself and where you are at in the parks but also any of your family/group members and where they are.
  • If you have ever tried to set a time and place to meet your group, or had to call them on their cell phone and change the meeting place, etc you know how hard it is to talk on the phone in the parks with thousands of people around you. This app allows you also to setup a meeting time and place and will alert all the other phones that are linked to your group and running the app too.
  • It has all the features of the below “Disney Interactive Map – WDW” included too.

Disney Interactive Map – WDW

  • Has cartoon maps of all 4 parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.
  • One-Touch/Tap to turn on and off Attractions/Rides, Restaurants, Shopping, Bathrooms and general information (like FastPass+ kiosks).
  • Able to highlight any Attraction/Ride and also get a walking path/directions to it’s location – if you don’t know where all the rides are this is EXTREMELY helpful to find out how far and the fastest way to get to the rides you want to see.
  • (beta) Ride Wait Times are shown when you enable this feature in the settings page.
  • Park hours
  • Attraction/Ride information – When you click on a Attraction it will pop up information such as height requirements, FP+ (FastPass+) enabled, and general information about the Attraction.

Disney World Countdown Deluxe

  • Live Wallpaper/Background to show days until your vacation
  • This is a simple App/Widget that allows you to set your vacation starting date, and add a widget on your phone that will show how many days are left before you leave for your trip.

 Contact Information

Email: admin@androidmickey.com or naildrivenllc@gmail.com


NailDrivenLLC & AndroidMickey.com are not affiliated with the Disney company in any way (other than we love giving them money to enjoy their vacation destinations :) ).