Help Setting Live Wallpapers

General Instructions to Add a Live Wallpaper to Android 4.0 & Above

NOTE: Some newer phones (like the Note 7) have hidden the “Live Wallpaper” area as outlined below. The apps have been updated to when you exit setting the date ask if you want to “Apply” the background. Please when exiting the app chose “Apply” on the pop-up modal, find the app you are wanting to set, and click “Set As Wallpaper”.

  1. Find an free/open space on one of your home screens
  2. Press and hold one finger in the open location until a menu or screen pops up
  3. Select “Set Wallpaper” (some versions will have other text, but should mention Wallpaper)
  4. If it asks where you want to set the Live Wallpaper (i.e. Home Screen, Lock Screen, or both), just chose the one you want
  5. You should also get an option to choose between “Gallery”, “Wallpapers” and “Live Wallpaper” –> Click Live Wallpapers
  6. Scroll over/down until you find the Live Wallpaper you are looking for. This list should be alphabetical
    • For Example: If you are adding the Disney World Countdown Deluxe wallpaper you will find the “Disney World Countdown Delu..” (it may be abbreviated) in the list where the “D’s” are
  7. At this point you can just click “Set Wallpaper” or you can click “Settings” and change the different options. But in the end click “Set Wallpaper” to add it.
  8. Done! You can go back in and click the “Settings” to change the image, the background color, whether or not you want to see the hours, minutes & seconds, and if you want to have it randomly select a new wallpaper every-time the Days change.

Tutorial Video:

Note: If you have any issues adding the widget please email us:
(It helps to include your phone model & Android version if you know it)