Help Adding Widget

General Instructions to Add a Widget to Android 4.0 & Above

  1. Find an free/open space on one of your home screens
  2. Press and hold one finger in the open location until a menu or screen pops up
  3. Select Widgets (some versions will be “Apps & Widgets”) on the popup menu
  4. If there are tabs at the top, ensure that the “Widget” tab is selected
  5. Scroll over/down until you find the Widget Name you would like to add. This list should be alphabetical
    • For Example: If you are adding the Disney World Countdown widget you will find the “Disney World Countd…” (it may be abbreviated) in the list where the “D’s” are
  6. Press and hold the desired Widget (some older versions you just tap the widget you want)
  7. While pressing, move it to the open location on your home screen and drop it (lift you finger) when it’s placed correctly
  8. Done! You can click the icon on the widget to change/update your countdown date

Tutorial Video:

Note: If you have any issues adding the widget please email us:
(It helps to include your phone model & Android version if you know it)